Inside Flow in Italy 25 June - 2 July 2023



Welcome to a week of Inside Flow at the Italian Riviera. Two sessions of Flow every day, a short session of meditation, good food and a solid amount of beach time in between. Welcome!

Come and flow with Vivian Choi Johansen for a week’s retreat in the Italian Riviera. You will live in a mediaeval Italian village up in the mountains of Liguria where time stands still. Not a single straight line exists in the stones of this village, only a deep, ancient, healing peace. The daily schedule is a morning and evening Inside Flow class which takes place on an open air terrace and a mid-morning meditation session with Viggo Johansen which takes place in the village chapel. The time in between is yours to spend as you wish - either taking a hike up in the mountains, visiting the nearby towns, having quiet time in the village or going to the beach (transport is included in the price). Dinner is at the best seafood restaurant in the region (also included). Welcome to Villa Faraldi!

Deltakerne innkvarteres i små, idylliske hus i Villa Faraldi. Vi tilbyr to måltider daglig; lunsj og middag (samt ferskt brød direkte fra bakeren til frokost). Lunsj i landsbyen og middag på Torki, den lokale restauranten. Kost, losji, undervisning og daglige utflukter til stranden eller Riviera-byen Diano Marina, er inkludert i kursprisen.

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Erik kjenner det italienske språk og kultur fra barnsben av. Med sin tilknytning til området gjennom nærmere 50 år har han solid bakgrunn for å dele sine kunnskaper om stedet, skikkene og historien.
Viggo har 29 års erfaring med mindfulness. Han er utdannet filosof og kognitiv atferdsterapeut og holder kurs i mindfulness-meditasjon og selvledelse over hele Europa.
Vivian har holdt på med yoga siden hun var 18 år gammel. Hun har sin yogalærer-utdanning fra Goa, India (200RYT), Bryce Yoga (300RYT) og AYP (200RYT) - og underviser i Oslo og Horten når hun ikke er i Italia.


If you travel together with someone else, either as a couple or as a group of friends, it is possible to rent a private house/apartment. If you would like private housing, contact Erik on email: mindful@villafaraldi.no

The course fee includes daily sessions of Inside Flow and mindfulness; food and accommodation (2 meals a day and a shared bedroom); airport transfers (at specific times only) and transport throughout the retreat.

NB! You will need to book and pay for your own plane ticket.

We will come to pick you up at Nice Airport on the first day of the course, and drive you back again the last day. The first day of the course we will drive from the airport around 12 noon, and the last day we will leave from Villa Faraldi early in the morning, in order to reach the morning flights from 10 AM onwards.

If you would like a single room, that can be arranged and will cost an additional NOK 1.500,-


09.00 - 10.30    Inside Flow morning practice

10.30 - 11.30     Breakfast

11.30 - 12.00     Mindfulness

12.00 - 17.00     Free time

17.30 - 19.00     Inside Flow evening practice

20.00 - 22.00    Dinner at Torki


Inside Flow is the most beautiful way of expressing your yoga as though it were a dance. A dance that is made up of the union of breath, movement and music, the holy trinity of Inside Flow. It is a form of vinyasa that is a movement art, poetry in motion.

Inside Flow focuses on the space between poses. It is not about getting from A to B, from one pose to the next. This practice focuses on HOW we get from A to B. It is a constant flow with no static holds, only moving smoothly through the sequence as fast or as slow as the beat of the music. It demands presence to move through every transition gracefully.

Each sequence is choreographed to a particular song. It all begins with the song. The music is not in the background, it is an integral part of the practice. Moving to the beat, on the beat. The sequence is taught in sections and learnt through repetition. At the end, it is put together and  the whole sequence is performed to the song that it was made for and everything falls into place.


There will be a short session of mindfulness meditation every day, and no prior experience is needed.

Mindfulness is nothing more mystical than being aware of your immediate experience. Our minds are often lost in thoughts about the past and future, and even worse caught up in worrying, rumination or self-criticism. Our ability to think and plan is of course a great gift, but often it leads us into stress, fear and low self-esteem. The practice of mindfulness turns the light of awareness towards our own mind - so that we can get to know it intimately - and begin to both see through and let go of destructive patterns of thought and emotion; as well as cultivating the sprouts of wisdom, love, connection and compassion.

Viggo underviser i kapellet (det gamle atelieret til den norske kunstneren Fritz Røed)


By registering for the course, you accept the following policy:

  • By registering earlier than 6 months before the course starts, you will pay a depositum of NOK 3000,-; the rest will be payed 6 months before the course starts.
  • By registering 6 – 3 months before the course starts, 50% will be payed upon registration and 50% 3 months before the course starts.
  • By registering later than 3 months before the course starts, the whole amount will be payed upon registration.
  • If you cancel up until 3 months before the course starts, you will be refunded the total amount except NOK 3000,-
  • If you cancel 90-60 days before the course starts, you will be refunded 50% of the total amount.
  • If you cancel later than 60 days before the course starts, there will be no refund.
  • We recommend a full travel insurance, in case of disease or other unfortunate circumstances that will prevent you from coming.
Villa Faraldi om natten

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Inside Flow in Italy 25 June - 2 July 2023



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